The best freakin rub you're ever going to have.
Your birds will be beggin for more!

Every Cock Needs a Good Rub!

Meet Mike...

A retired Deputy Sheriff to an innovator in flavor! 

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on Everything

Designed for Chicken but amazing on everything. From mashed potatoes, fries, fish, steak and more...

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Every Cock Needs a Good Rub!


Absolutely spectacular on fish! Crappie, Walleye! Can't Beat it!
Common Clucker!


Awesome on Chicken! Addition Warning! Once you start... You're gonna need more!
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Awesome on Mashed Potatoes & French Fries!
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Kick it up with
Hot Hen.

Same awesome flavor as our Classic Mike's Rooster Rub with a little spicy kick at the end.

Fiery Rub Built for the Bird!

Just when you think that bird was as good as it gets with our classic rub, we decided to turn up the heat with our Hot Hen!

A Must Have!

A must have rub to complete any chicken aficionado's spice rack!