Our story as told from Mike...

I am a retired Deputy Sheriff from Northwest Ohio.  (34 years)

My dad was a Police Officer and retired after 32 years. My brother was a police officer and retired after 27 years. My son is a Police Officer and my daughter is a Police Dispatcher.  Our family carries a long line of Ohio Law Enforcement.

For years we had our own mixture of spices we put together to use on our beer butt chicken. Family and friends went crazy over it every time we served it!

We often received requests for our spices from family and friends.  So much so that we had a spice company mix us up 10 pounds at a time to give away. 

When I retired my kids encouraged me to sell our spices. We had always been told by anyone who tried it that we needed to sell it.

We decided we would. 

Mike’s Chicken Rub turned into... "One Eyed Rooster Rub"

We sold out the first year. Its that good!! You have to try it!!